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About me

Who Am I ?

Communicator and marketer by nature. I’m driven by ambition, entrepreneurship education, innovation, mentoring and continues learning.

What I enjoy the most? Moments when you witness first-time entrepreneurs having their “Heureka” and “Ahaa” moments. When they have just cracked the code, understood something that filled the knowledge gap. What makes those moments even more special is the knowledge that you’ve contributed with your knowledge and skills through mentoring.

I firmly believe that character is the foundation of every aspect of your life because it’s one of the few things that you can’t teach.

For the last nearly four years I’ve also mentored young entrepreneurs and early-stage startups, previously as a marketing mentor at Garage48 Foundation and currently as a marketing mentor at European Innovation Academy, the biggest and most extreme entrepreneurship accelerator program in the world for university students.

My values

Values are important because they help us to create the future we want to experience. 

Open communication

Communicating openly is important, because it helps us to open up for insights, information, empathy and support. Not communication is an attitude issue and selfish mentality. When you’re not communicating with your team, then your team is in the dark. It’s okay to admit mistakes and encourage to tell about them.

Experimenting & Innovating

Being afraid of failing and not willing to take risks will hold you back from the progress, but you can only achieve greatness if you’re willing to experiment and take risks. That’s why it’s important to run continues experimentations, in marketing and business in general.


There’s no “I” in the “Team”. In entrepreneurship, investors are investing in teams, not ideas. A great team can execute multiple ideas, but bad one can’t run even a single one. I value teamwork because it gives the company a competitive edge.

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