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I will help your brand to talk the language of your target audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or an already established corporation, it’s important for both to be relevantvisible, and heard. To be relevant, you need to understand your target audience. Together, we’ll find your target audience, and based on that, develop brand positioning, pick the right messages and channels so that you would become visible and heard.

Communication & PR

Does your brand need tone of voice? What about positioning your brand through messages? Need someone to conduct interviews on behalf of your brand or  write compelling copy to describe your product either on the social media or in the brochure? About to launch your product/service and need someone to contact the press + draft the press release? Or maybe you need everything mentioned above and communication strategy is the way to go?


Need someone to setup paid advertisements for your company on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook? Looking for someone to help you with retargeting your website visitors who haven’t converted?  You understand the importance of Google Analytics but you need a extra hand to navigate through the complex interface and understand the data? Or perhaps you need help to come up with the marketing strategy for your company? Have a product that needs more users? An event that needs to increase awareness? Oh, and what about that
e-mail marketing campaign that you need to work on but haven’t yet started? Look no further, because I have you covered! 

"It has been a pleasure to work with Rene. He is very motivated to always offer the client the best solutions and also very goal orientated. He is a true team player and always the best brand ambassador to the employer. It would be hard to find a more highly motivated specialist."

Triin Puskai – Team Leader, Industry62

"I always enjoyed Rene' s easy and confident communication style! He distinguished himself for his perserevance, patience and positive attitude all of the time! Beside being a joy to work with, Rene is a dedicated digital and social media marketing guru! 😊"

Reelika Ein – Organization, Employee Experience and Workplace Designer

"I worked with Rene during my term as a Program Manager of European & Arab Innovation Academy. Rene was one of marketing mentors and also was managing the marketing mentors’ team. Rene is always looking for new ways to innovate and create value through his personal effort or by helping someone else, including young entrepreneurs to realize their true potential. He is always on top of things, ready to support the team and motivate everyone for higher results. Also, Rene is a doer - whatever he puts into his mind, he will make sure that it gets done and the results will be achieved. He is always professional but never too cold, he has great way to bring a personal twist to his tasks, which makes him a great assets to any company, organisation or programme."

Hedi Krönström – Former Program Manager, European Innovation Academy

"I worked with Rene at the first ever Arab Innovation Academy in Doha, Qatar where he was the Chief of Marketing Mentors. This role meant that he was leading a group of experienced mentors through the extreme 10-day accelerator program for students. Rene showed great leadership skills and thorough knowledge of marketing techniques for startups that he shared with the group. He was super helpful also to our team and in great spirit the whole time! I'm looking forward to working with Rene again at the European Innovation Academy in July 2018 in Portugal."

Karin Künnapas – Former Program Development Head, European Innovation Academy

"I have seen Rene working with several startups during an extremely intense bootcamp in Qatar. Rene has a real understanding about Marketing and Localisation, he has the know-how that most of the start-ups are looking for. He is not trying to evangelize his idea as most of people do, he has the capability that only few have which is the transmission skill. In Qatar, Rene had to manage 120 early-stage start-ups that had at least 1 marketing issue during 10 days in the row. He managed the stress perfectly and I was impressed by how fast he did get the local insides / restrictions around the marketing strategy for instance."

Charles Goguet – COO, Ordoclic

"I had the pleasure of working with Rene during two editions of the European Innovation Academy. He proved to be a very serious and experienced professional and I was particularly impressed with his marketing skills. Rene would be an asset to any team and I strongly recommend him. I hope to be able to work with him again soon."

Diego D’Aquilio – CMO & Head of International Expansion, Young

"Your digital marketing will be in good hands with Rene. We worked together on start-ups projects in Italy and Qatar, where I saw his constant dedication to help the teams. He knows how to guide early stage start-ups through the marketing process and combines it with a very positive and easy going attitude. Rene would be an asset to any team and I hope to be able to work with him again soon."

Joana Carvalho Afonso – Marketing & Communications Manager,  European Space Agency.

"I had the honor of having Rene as my mentor during the European Innovation Academy 2019 in Portugal. He has given me and the entire team a lot of good advice to position our product and the company properly in the market. Thank you for this great experience - I can highly recommend Rene!"

Christoph Oblak – Co-Founder, centralize

"Working under the supervision of Rene was nothing short of absolute pleasure. The way he handled all of our out thoughts and doubts with and incredible charisma and knowledge during the EIA was just an glimpse at what an amazing and brilliant professional marketeer he is and inspires so many other like me to be."

Lucas Artigas – Intern,  HAG.Group

"Rene was an excellent mentor who really helped guide my team and find marketing techniques that worked for our project. He helped us increase our potential users by nearly 4.5x in just a week. He was very knowledgeable, and he always had resources to recommend to us to help us further our marketing goals. Rene was undoubtedly the best mentor I could have asked for at the European Innovation Academy, and I believe he would be a huge asset in any endeavor he chose to pursue. He is a great leader and a brilliant marketeer."

Jacklyn Paige Harris – CEO, Bippy Startup

"Rene is a thoughtful leader and clearly showcases his expertise in marketing. He does an excellent job of tailoring his mentorship and guidance to each group/person's needs. Our team saw substantial marketing visibility thanks to his mentorship."

Bobbie Reyes-Kaguay – CEO, CarbonCrew

"I had the honor of having Rene as my marketing mentor. He was kind and open-hearted. What makes him one of a kind, is that he understand everyone despite the background, origin or personality of the person. He tailored the information to the individual. Me and my team were inspired by his thoughtfulness and ideas. Honestly, one year later I still adapt his lessons to my tasks and work. On top of that, he always answered all our questions with a smile. Rene, thank you. "

Inês de Brito Cornille – CEO, ARA Worlds Gaming

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