Rene Rumberg

Communication Management.
Content Marketing.
Employer branding.
Talent attraction.
Product messaging. Experimentation.

I believe that the old way of hiring is broken and it's time to flip the table. What do I mean by that?As a candidate, instead of jumping through the fire hoops and feeling that I need to pull tricks out of my sleeves to convince potential employers that I am the best fit for the vacant role, I want to create an experiment.After all, I'm a big fan of running experiments. Constant experimentation opens the possibility to innovate and achieve something extraordinary instead of continuously doing 'the same old'.So, in this experiment, I call up companies who believe in the power and importance of experimentation to contact me regarding interesting career opportunities that match my skillset listed above and could see their company benefiting from my experience.

Why am I doing this?

Mostly because I've recently had a streak of bad luck regarding applying for open roles. Endless ghosting by recruiters, no proper feedback to extensive (and unpaid) homework, last-minute decision to stop the whole recruitment process, or as I'd sum it up, a total lack of respect towards the candidate experience.As someone who has worked in the employer branding and talent attraction field, candidate experience is an important topic for me. I've always strived to create the best possible CX by myself.My character and nature refuse to give up because of a few bad situations. Instead, I'm trying to connect my previous professional experiences with my passion for experimenting. If something doesn't work, I look for opportunities to improve my approach or processes.

Me as a human, colleague,
team member

I'm the type of person that wants to get sh*t done and see results by exploring new opportunities and adopting new tools/ways.I'm not afraid of challenges, as I've eaten them for lunch for the past 10+ years. I'm ready to bring new ideas to the forefront and more importantly, turn these ideas quickly into reality.I go above my job requirements to achieve the best results and I like to positively influence things beyond my job description.

My previous work

As Employer brand communication manager at INZMO,
I led the transformation of recruitment strategy, shifting from a 'post and pray' to an 'attract' approach through content marketing and other employee brand communication activities. This helped the organization drastically reduce the time to hire from three months to 19 days within the first year.
I also took on the role of Product Marketing Manager, helping the sales team create collaterals. Together with the product team, I worked on GTM activities for product updates and launches.

In my position as Head of Marketing & Communications Manager at Ridango, I brought fresh changes to marketing and communication activities by introducing new tactics and frameworks which helped the company to replace one-time activities with continuous activities that contributed towards the KPIs set by the management.I also worked closely with the HR department on developing the employer brand to attract top talent.

Worked as Marketing Manager of GuestJoy, being in charge of various activities, such as managing Account-Based Marketing activities and Paid Media campaigns on different platforms (Google and LinkedIn), helping the sales team to generate leads. I was also responsible for content marketing and creating case studies with existing partners to display the benefits of the software GuestJoy provided.

Are you ready to experiment and get things done?

I like to connect with new people and broaden my network.
So please, feel free to contact me through the form below, or add me on LinkedIn, and let's talk about how we could work together.