Hi, I’m Rene

I’ll take care of marketing activities for your company.

Short summary of my story

I’ve been in marketing for nearly eight years, going through different kinds of organizations and holding various marketing-related roles. I’ve been part of larger teams as a specialist in a specific field, but also been solely responsible for the entire marketing & communication field. Thanks to those opportunities, I’ve built a 360-degrees marketing skillset that I’m looking to apply for my next career opportunity.


Things that I value the most as a professional.


Open communication

Open communication is one of the essential things in a professional work environment, and it doesn’t matter if it’s about something good or bad. People can’t read your mind, so giving feedback, sharing your thoughts regularly and openly with your team is essential.


When an organization is more transparent with its employees, they tend to be more successful in different areas: stronger company culture and increased employee engagement. It also allows employees to communicate freely, feel valued, and it encourages creativity.



Being honest isn’t always the easiest thing, but it’s the right thing. For example, being truthful about your limitations allows your team to help you. Not admitting your limitations can backfire when you’ve promised something that you cannot deliver, undermining your credibility. Integrity cannot be taught.


The control has been central to corporate organizations at least since the time of Frederick Taylor, the father of ‘scientific management’.  But there is mounting evidence that employees who exercise autonomy regularly at work are happier and more productive.  Top-down control and micromanagement carry severe costs. Providing freedom doesn’t mean that the company is unmanaged.


Trust in the workplace means that employees enjoy a culture of honesty and they have mutual respect. It offers psychological safety, where people are proud of where they work and are willing to go to great lengths for the organization.


There is no “I” in “Team”. It’s just that simple. The reason why investors invest in startups isn’t because of the idea but because of the teams. Great teams who collaborate can overcome challenges, adapt to new situations, and most likely will succeed at one point. A group can accomplish what an individual alone cannot do.


These are the skills that I possess and find most important in order to succeed at marketing. 


Marketing Strategy

Strategy is the cornerstone of everything. Based on the strategy, you can position the brand and craft messages, select the correct tools, execute the right content marketing activities fit for your target audience and pick the specific paid media channels to attract the right traffic.

Content Marketing

The goal of Content Marketing is to attract traffic to your website. Content is the king and there are limitless options for content creation. I’ll find the one that works the best for your company.


Marketing Analytics

What kind of activities work for us & what should be dropped? Which channels are the most effective?  Which campaigns, messages, visuals bring the best results? Heatmaps on the page? Check, mate! 

Creative Copywriting

Interviewing people & customers for marketing purpose, editing text and creating blog posts. I have it all covered.

Email Marketing & Marketing Automations

You got punch of contacts in your email list? Good. Now what next? How do we segment them? What kind of content we’ll deliver to them? When? 

Lead Generation + Nurturing

How to generate leads and later nurture them? What are the tactics and best tools? 


Testimonials & recommendations

Rene Rumberg worked at Net Group OÜ as a Lead Generation Manager. In the workplace, Rene Rumberg was responsible for lead generation activities for 6 different focus business areas inside company. He demonstrated his ability to apply above-average content creation and text editing skills and digital marketing knowledge. He was good at establishing strategic action plans. Rene Rumberg is fluent in Estonian and English, which makes together a unique combination of both Estonian and English language capabilities for content creation. He understands the nature of marketing and communication work and their differences as well as the commonalities. As a team member, Rene Rumberg has been able to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and find solutions to unexpected situations. Rene Rumberg's attitude to work has also been optimistic in resolving unpleasant situations and is able to keep the team's morale high.

Piret Vahter, Head of Marketing @ Net Group Ltd

It has been a pleasure to work with Rene. He is very motivated to always offer the client the best solutions and also very goal orientated. He is a true team player and always the best brand ambassador to the employer. It would be hard to find a more highly motivated specialist.

Triin Puskai, former Team Lead @ Idea Lab

Your digital marketing will be in good hands with Rene. We worked together on start-ups projects in Italy and Qatar, where I saw his constant dedication to help the teams. He knows how to guide early stage start-ups through the marketing process and combines it with a very positive and easy going attitude. Rene would be an asset to any team and I hope to be able to work with him again soon.

Joana Carvalho Afonso, Senior Marketing Manager @ European Space Agency

I always enjoyed Rene' s easy and confident communication style! He distinguished himself for his perserevance, patience and positive attitude all of the time! Beside being a joy to work with, Rene is a dedicated digital and social media marketing guru!

Reelika Ein, Innovation Practitioner | Organizational Culture Designer | Leadership Developer

I have seen Rene working with several startups during an extremely intense bootcamp in Qatar. Rene has a real understanding about Marketing and Localisation, he has the know-how that most of the start-ups are looking for. He is not trying to evangelize his idea as most of people do, he has the capability that only few have which is the transmission skill. In Qatar, Rene had to manage 120 early-stage start-ups that had at least 1 marketing issue during 10 days in the row. He managed the stress perfectly and I was impressed by how fast he did get the local insides / restrictions around the marketing strategy for instance.

Charles Goguet, Expert @ European Commission

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